• Danny Cohen

    Danny Cohen

  • debgit


  • Jonathan Katz

    Jonathan Katz

    Nerd, writer, cook. Jewish as f**k. I write Flavors of Diaspora. Views are mine, not of my employer or others. @UChicago & @UniofOxford alum. Trotse verraaier.

  • Rebecca Wand Ben-Gideon

    Rebecca Wand Ben-Gideon

  • Matt F

    Matt F

    I cannot ever think of the right word for a crossword puzzle. But when I sit down to write, I have the goodest words.

  • Abraham Benson-Goldberg

    Abraham Benson-Goldberg

  • Marc Gordon

    Marc Gordon

    Lives in Phoenix, Arizona. Graduate of the American University and Johns Hopkins University. Focus on business process improvement and project management.

  • Natalia Berlin

    Natalia Berlin

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